2019 Mid Season Update

July 1, 2019

We are officially half way through the 2019 season!

Well done to all players, coaches, umpires, supporters and committee for all your hard work during the first half of the season. It looks like all of your hard work is paying off, with all of our teams having a great run so far and lots sitting in a great position heading into the rest of the season.

Good luck to everyone for the rest of year. We are looking forward to hearing about the furthered development of all of our teams and hopefully some more great team wins ❤️

Senior Results

Seniors have now played 9 rounds (with the exception of A grade who have played 12 matches, 1 game past their half way point).

Seniors are once again establishing themselves as fun and welcoming but competitive teams with some great development of teams and lots of impressive ladder positions.

  • A- 2nd- 10 wins, 2 losses
  • B1- 2nd- 8 wins, 1 loss
  • B2(1)- 2nd- 8 wins, 1 loss
  • B2(2)- 3rd- 6 wins, 3 losses
  • B3(1)- 2nd- 7 wins, 2 losses
  • B3(2)- 3rd- 7 wins, 2 losses
  • B4- 4th- 6 wins, 3 losses
  • B5(1)- 7th- 2 wins, 6 losses, 1 draw
  • B5(2)- 8th- 1 win, 8 losses
  • B6- 4th- 4 wins, 5 losses
  • C1(1)- 3rd- 6 wins, 3 losses
  • C1(2)- 5th- 4 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw
  • C2(1)- 4th- 5 wins, 4 losses
  • C2(2)- 5th- 4 wins, 5 losses
  • C3(1)- 2nd- 6 wins, 3 losses
  • C3(2)- 4th- 5 wins, 4 losses
  • C4(1)- 6th- 3 wins, 6 losses
  • C4(2)- 4th- 5 wins, 4 losses

Junior Results

Juniors have now completed round 7. In our first year of juniors, the girls are playing some skilful, enjoyable and wonderful netball. All players are developing their netball skills, playing with new teams and having a great time while developing their game.

We look forward to continuing to watch the girls grow over the remainder of the season.

  • Inters- 6th- getting close to a win, 3 losses, 2 bye’s
  • Juniors- 7th- 1 win, 5 losses
  • Sub Junior- 7th- 2 wins, 5 losses
  • Sub Junior- 6th- 2 wins, 5 losses
  • Primary- 3rd- 4 wins, 3 losses
  • Go 1 and Go 2- both teams are having a great season. The girls are having lots of fun while learning the rules of netball, different positions and are learning some great skills and court plays.

About Our Club

Walkerville Netball Club (or the Walkies Cats) is one of the biggest netball clubs in the Adelaide Metropolitan Netball Division.

We have teams in a variety of Senior and Junior grades to suit all playing levels.

We are affiliated with the Walkerville Football Club and together throughout the football and netball season we have numerous social events.

Lets go the Cats!


  • B2 Victory B2s Victory
  • B3s Make Finals! B3s Make Finals!
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