Presentations 2019

October 17, 2019

Congratulations to all our award winners for 2019

Congratulations to the outstanding players, families and coaches who received an award at the presentation nights.


Club Awards

Family of the year: Newman Family

Most Improved Junior Player: Adeline Carman

Best New Recruit: Kevin Frick

Member of the Year: Liz Humphris

Best New Recruit and Club Member of the Year


B&F: Neve la Fontaine
Runner up B&F: Chloe Montague
Coaches award: Logan Hahn

B&F: Anna Cayzer
Runner up B&F: Ellyse Quinn
Coaches award: Ruby Cornish

Sub Junior 4
B&F: Macy Philpott
Runner up B&F: Alexis Peacock
Coaches award: Lily Erbe

Sub Junior 7
B&F: Ava Gaerth
Runner up B&F: Brodie Manfield
Coaches award: Sophie Whittam

B&F: Sucre Wilding & Iris Newman
Runner up B&F: Poppy Mackay
Coaches award: Lucy Carman


A grade
B&F: Kayla Jenner
Runner up B&F: Heidi Hutchesson
Coaches award: Lucy Burg

B&F: Gracie Francis
Runner up B&F: Alicia Stone & Rahnee Nisbett
Coaches award: Chloe Linke

B2 (1)
B&F: Zoe Francis
Runner up B&F: Ellie Duffy
Coaches award: Courtney Walters

B2 (2)
B&F: Kelly Hamilton
Runner up B&F: Ori Mavrinac
Coaches award: Annie Burton

B3 (1)
B&F: Renae Feder
Runner up B&F: Katelin Morgan
Coaches award: Cassie Mills

B3 (2)
Best: Tash Hutchesson
Runner up B&F: Demi Carter & Eliza Fromm
Coaches award: Eloise Longbottom

B&F: Hannah Zwar
Runner up B&F: Samantha Mills
Coaches award: Alicia Marks

B5 (1)
B&F: Ellen Read
Runner up B&F: Jade Harkness
Coaches award: Paige Harkness

B5 (2)
B&F: Tori Evans
Runner up B&F: Alana Zeni
Coaches award: Madeline Hannam

B&F: Kim Liebelt
Runner up B&F: Meg Nelligan & Ebonnie Summerhayes
Coached award: Olivia Pietrobon

B&F: Jessi Hunt
Runner up B&F: Tori Stringer
Coaches award: Jessie Morgan

B&F: Madeleine Hahnel
Runner up B&F: Yvette Maslen
Coaches award: Nikki Magnusson

C2 (1)
B&F: Sarah Lithgow
Runner up B&F: Danielle Cua
Coaches award: Tahlia Abell

B&F: Charlotte Ryan
Runner up B&F: Ashlee Marlais
Coaches award: Georgie Bezzina

C3 (1)
B&F: Courtney Elmitt
Runner up B&F: Tara Wormald & Bree Wilkie
Coaches Award: Aliy Pehlivanides

C3 (2)
B&F: Ashlee Chibnall & Courtney Sandow
Runner up B&F: Chloe Flavell
Coaches award: Christina Constas

B&F: Hannah O’Callaghan
Runner up B&F: Kim Whyte
Coaches award: Michelle Stoddart

B&F:Jessica Hall
Runner up B&F: Olivia Ganley & Emma Carnell
Coaches award: Luci Badge

About Our Club

Walkerville Netball Club (or the Walkies Cats) is one of the biggest netball clubs in the Adelaide Metropolitan Netball Division.

We have teams in a variety of Senior and Junior grades to suit all playing levels.

We are affiliated with the Walkerville Football Club and together throughout the football and netball season we have numerous social events.

Lets go the Cats!


  • B2 Victory B2s Victory
  • B3s Make Finals! B3s Make Finals!
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