2020 Best New Recruit & Member of the Year

October 15, 2020

Two extremely special awards were given out on presentation night.

Congratulations to Alicia Stone, our 2020 Member of the Year


For those who missed the speech by our 2019 winner Liz Humphris on the night, here is why Alicia won this award:

“This person was nominated by quite a number of you and is truly deserving of the award. Described as a club legend, team legend and playing legend! She has been a long term member of the Walkies family. She is an excellent coach and mentor and very welcoming to our new players. The club wouldn’t be the same without her.

“She has been described as having club spirit like no other! She really embodies what it means to be a WNC Cat, and thinks of a the club as a whole and values every team equally, not just those that she plays in or coaches.

“She has coached many teams over her time at the club, and her players always describe her as supportive, fun and always learn a lot along the way! She always brings ideas forward for ways to make the club better, which is what we are all about. She doesn’t expect others to pull her slack, and often takes on jobs for other people.

“The teams that she coaches and plays in always seem to smash it, and this may be have something to do with the special role she has.

“She is a lot of fun, as demonstrated quite clearly over grand final weekend and she gets around all the events over the years.
Personally, I genuinely feel grateful to have so much to do with this girl. We have a lot of laughs on and off the court- maybe a few too many on the court.

“She’s definitely got her quirks, like being a GS who cannot sink a goal if she is within a metre of the goal post, and has a lot of signature moves, my favourite being her newest – 2 2 2.

“She’s our fill in coordinator, trials coordinator, team of the decade member, double premiership coach for 2020, has possibly played the most games and won the most premierships at the club – just ask her 😉

“Please get up standing, raise your glasses and make a heap of noise for our Walkerville Cat of the year for 2020, we all love her – Alicia Stone.”

This year’s Best New Recruit was awarded to Eva Thompson!


The 2019 winner, Kevin Frick, read the following speech on presentation night as he handed over the pink jacket.

“This years winner could not be more deserving! This young lady has thrown herself into Walkies life with a passion like no other. She is always at trainings, has been an incredible support for all and she is always putting her hand up to umpire (often for multiple games). It’s going to be obvious who won this and I’m very glad she didn’t come last year.

“She stepped up to become junior umpire coordinator in her first year, and has now offered to be the summer junior and senior coordinator. During the year she was injured at training yet continued to come along to trainings, games and even presentations. She wasn’t allowed/able to drive and even caught a bus to come and watch finals!

“Walkerville has every reason to be grateful that Flinders Uni didn’t have teams this year, which means we could get this amazing young recruit. I’m very proud and excited to announce the 2020 best new recruit is Eva Thompson!”

About Our Club

Walkerville Netball Club (or the Walkies Cats) is one of the biggest netball clubs in the Adelaide Metropolitan Netball Division.

We have teams in a variety of Senior and Junior grades to suit all playing levels.

We are affiliated with the Walkerville Football Club and together throughout the football and netball season we have numerous social events.

Lets go the Cats!


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