2020 Season Presentations

October 15, 2020

Thank you to our sponsor The Walkers Arms for hosting the WNC presentation night for 2020!

Congratulations to the following members on their awards:

Coaches award: Lucy Burg
Runner up B&F: Heidi Hutchesson
B&F: Isobel Gilkes

A grade
Coaches award: Taylah Gartner
Runner up B&F: Gracie Francis
B&F: Rahnee Nisbett

Coaches award: Georgia Robbie
Runner up B&F: Mel McSkimming
B&F: Connie Griffiths

Coaches award: Kelly Hamilton
Runner up B&F: Romy Heard
B&F: Kate Zvirgzdins

Coaches award: Brianna Walters
Runner up B&F: Cassie Mills
B&F: Maddy Crettenden

Coaches award: Shantelle Ferber
Runner up B&F: Tash Hutchesson
B&F: Hannah Zwar

B3(2) 🏆 – 2020 Premiers
Coaches award: Carlie Altman
Runner up B&F: Eliza Fromm
B&F: Georgia Afford

B4 🏆 – 2020 Premiers
Coaches award: Eliza Oatway
Runner up B&F: Maddie Clark & Laura DenDekker
B&F: Sophie Bammann

Coaches award: Sophie Meyer
Runner up B&F: Cassandra Marousopoulo & Felicity Clayton
B&F: Lucy Norton

Coaches award: Heidi Kloeden
Runner up B&F: Jess Zeni
B&F: Alana Zeni

Coaches award: Jessie Morgan
Runner up B&F: Chloe Frick
B&F: Bec Callary

Coaches award: Bridget Manning
Runner up B&F: Maddie Whitehouse
B&F: Bree Leahy

Coaches award: Kaitlin Cook
Runner up B&F: Darcey Maney & Caitlin Kruger
B&F: Claudia Pisani

Coaches award: Isabella Morris
Runner up B&F: Elayna Pisani
B&F: Tarah Martin

Coaches award: Abby Pike
Runner up B&F: Lauren Bowman
B&F: Bree Wilkie

Coaches award: Brooke Reddaway
Runner up B&F: Chloe Flavell
B&F: Tara Wormald

Coaches award: Lexie Schwerdt
Runner up B&F: Ellen Kelson
B&F: Courtney Sandow

Coaches award: Eva Thompson
Runner up B&F: Michelle Stoddart
B&F: Chloe Boundey

About Our Club

Walkerville Netball Club (or the Walkies Cats) is one of the biggest netball clubs in the Adelaide Metropolitan Netball Division.

We have teams in a variety of Senior and Junior grades to suit all playing levels.

We are affiliated with the Walkerville Football Club and together throughout the football and netball season we have numerous social events.

Lets go the Cats!


  • B2 Victory B2s Victory
  • B3s Make Finals! B3s Make Finals!
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